Comprehensive Property Management Services

M Group offers top tier individual unit management that are the most comprehensive and pristine in the industry. Because of our process and procedures, we have been able to implement the most extensive management services that will rival any and all other competitors.

Full and or Financial Management Services

The Masters of Management we offer both full-service and financials-only management for owners, investors, and landlords. Whether you own 100 units, 5 apartment complexes or one house you would like to rent. We do not believe in a “one size fits all” approach to association management. When we present a sample management contract to an association, the services included will be customized. No matter how customized, however, we will always provide the following services.

Property Management

Property Inspections:

Complete periodic property inspections (walkthroughs) and identify property deficiencies. Bring deficiencies to the attention of the Board of Directors, repair the deficiencies. Evidence (through photographs) any visible homeowner violations of the Operating Rules.

Board & Membership Meetings:

Coordinate and attend Board and Membership meetings.

24-Hour Emergency Response: 

Respond promptly to all property emergencies 24/7, including visiting the property if necessary.

Emergency Preparedness: 

Maintain an Emergency Preparedness Plan for the association particularly focusing on hurricane preparedness if requested by the Board.

Competitive Bidding: 

Competitively bid association maintenance, repair, and replacement projects above a cost threshold established by the Board.

Contract Review and Administration: 

Administer association contracts to ensure contractors are meeting their obligations. Maintain a log of all contracts including services provided, pricing, maturity date, and contract termination provisions. Inspect all work completed on the property before submitting invoices for payment

Association-Owned Units: 

Manage any association-owned units including obtaining insurance policies, coordinating maintenance and repairs, and finding qualified tenants.


Work with the Association’s insurance agent to obtain insurance policies that provide adequate coverage. Obtain certificates of insurance and W-9 forms from vendors. If homeowners must carry insurance according to the association’s governing documents, establish policies and procedures to encourage homeowner compliance.


Provide Manager’s Reports to the Board outlining the status of association projects and recommended next steps.

Property Access Management:

Manage the property’s access system, if applicable, including vehicle and pedestrian gate fobs and access codes. Maintain keys for all association and unit locks as necessary.  Issue parking passes as necessary.

Employee Supervision: 

Provide supervision and management of all association employees including employee performance reviews and developing comprehensive employee job descriptions, if desired by the Board. Obtain proposals for worker’s compensation insurance as necessary.

Long-Term Maintenance Planning: 

Create a long-term maintenance plan for the association based on budgeted items, the association’s reserve study, and any Board “wish list” projects.


Association Policies and Procedures: 

Draft, maintain and enforce association policies and procedures, as approved by the Board.

Official Records: 

Maintain the association’s official records in a secure location (primarily electronically) and provide them to homeowners upon request.

Board Meeting Coordination: 

Prepare and distribute meeting agendas, prepare information packets for each member of the Board and produce detailed meeting minutes. All documents may be customized by the Board.

Resident Database: 

Maintain a detailed resident database including owner and resident names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, and any other relevant information.

Resident Communication: 

Respond promptly to resident concerns or requests. Communicate with residents regarding all association events. Assist in the drafting of newsletters or other communications at the request of the Board.

Association Mailings:

Draft and disseminate association mailings required by California Statutes (e.g., annual meeting notices, draft budget, annual disclosures).


Provide guidance and assistance to Committees. Attend Committee meetings upon request.

Registered Agent:

Serve as the association’s registered agent.

Website Creation/ Maintenance:

Develop and maintain a website for the association.

Architectural Review: 

Establish and enforce policies and procedures relating to homeowner architectural review requests. Assist the Board in reviewing such requests. Maintain a log of architectural review requests including the unit number, the specific request, information provided, request date and Board decision.