Our Management Team

The Management Group, Inc. was founded by David Gazarov, with his incredible team he runs the organizational day-to-day operations. David is always available to speak to clients on the phone regarding a variety of managerial questions. He holds a Double Bachelors in International Business and Liberal Arts from San Diego State University he is also a licensed real estate broker. He has a wealth of information about running and operating an HOA including extensive knowledge of Davis-Sterling, business management and accounting.

About your management team.

Our team provides boards and owners with timely communications, easy to understand financial statements and operating analysis and with skillful management. We have a host of services available from managing the day-to-day activities of associations to developing long-term strategic plans. Our team has experience in managing and operating associations ranging from 3 units to 500 units, providing a wide range of services.

Our Team

David Gazarov


David Gazarov has been an HOA manager for 15 years, and he is the president of a large condominium project in Van Nuys.
He possesses a B.S. degree in computer science and a B.S. in Management & Real Estate from San Diego State University.
David is a licensed Real Estate Broker with a Mortgage Loan Originator endorsement.
He has been working with developers on transition matters and with boards on strategic planning, including budgets, maintenance, repair, and replacement projections, preparation, and monitoring.
He is the director of the operations and management department.