Garage Conversions and AUD’s

Several of the Home Owners Associations that we manage have had a few questions regarding the changes to the California law that regulates “Accessory Dwelling Units” (AUD). Landlords add a small “home” or a modification to a garage for property rental and provide low-cost dwelling to families.

There are many types of garage conversions out there; however, most of the time this is for single-family homes that are free standing and not part of a Home Owners Association.

What are the law changes, and will they override our HOA CC&R’s?

That is the questions we get asked very frequently, as of the moment AB 2299 and SB 1069 override local ordinances and make it accessible to landlords to convert their garages into AUD’s. These changes to the Governmental Code which applies to cities, Counties and planning ordinances. Neither AB 2299 nor SB 1069 affect the private use restrictions of the CC&R’s of your California/Los Angeles Home Owners Association.

What will happen next?

Notwithstanding, at M Group we are keeping a close eye on one particular bill from the Assembly, AB 494, which in the future may target HOA’s and thus potentially cause CC&R that are restricting such restrictions void; however, we can’t imagine this happening without hearings and public debate. M Group will keep you appraised of anything we hear regarding this matter.

If you would like some “light” and “fun” afternoon reading regarding, AB494, click the link.

Garage Conversions / AUD restrictions and provisions are all very new, and from our perspective, this will create more chaos in HOA’s including a shortage of parking, increase in waste including water and other resources but also will allow for market forces to dictate and provide low-income rent support. The next few years will be interesting as we watch what will unfold from all of this.

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