Meeting Procedure 

Although it might not be required by law, all HOA meetings (board or membership) should be conducted with certain adherence to an accepted parliamentary method; the most popular of it is the Robert’s Rules of Order. 

These rules help to create a fair and orderly way of discussing HOA-related matters by allowing all parties to participate and to be heard. 

It is important to prepare for each meeting. It is the chairman that runs the meeting by recognizing owners intending to speak, acknowledging motions, adjourning meetings, etc. 

Subjects for consideration and vote are introduced by main motions, which must be seconded to stay alive. Other motions, such as a privileged, subsidiary, incidental, etc., are made to modify the main motion or to modify the regular course of the meeting. 

Only one main motion may be made, and only one topic may be considered at one time, many other sorts of motions may be made during the discussion of the main motion. 

Motions have a priority, and motion with a higher priority than the one discussed can be made but must be disposed of before continuing with the regular business of the meeting. 

A matter may be out of order when presented at the wrong time or in the wrong way. A point of order demands that the proper order of the business be followed (it does not require a second). 

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