Vision & Mission

Our vision is for M GROUP, INC. to be recognized as the preferred HOA management company with state-of-the-art-technology, association management experience, and a human approach. We are a service-oriented company whose principals are personally involved in every community. Superior service means understanding your needs and expectations and proactively meeting and exceeding them. Our mission is to provide our association clients with professional and personal customer service, and with to support so as they can achieve their strategic goals.

To endeavor to be one of the very best property management firm in our service area by 1) providing outstanding customer service; 2) acting in the best interest of our clients; 3) creating a quiet and enjoyable living environment for all residents; 4)  maintaining the physical property in a slightly and first-class condition; 5) devising creative and quick solutions to problems; 6) managing our project proactively and effectively; 7) cutting cost wherever possible.

We accomplish this mission by acting with integrity and professionalism; building long-term relationships with both clients and vendors, enabling all of us to fulfill our plans.  Our corporate philosophy is based on fiscal conservatism, establishing long-term mutually beneficial relationships, and member services expansion.  Our goal is to go the extra mile to provide personal service beyond expectations in a climate of excellence and quality.

Excellence in Management since 1990

Since 1990, M GROUP, INC. has been specializing in the management of homeowners’ associations, which include condominium projects, and planned developments. By having a dedicated property management team, we offer you a low property to manager ratio and a high level of professional and personalized service. We can provide services from our offices or locate one of our staff members in your facility on a periodic or ongoing basis. M GROUP, INC. also provides 24-hour support, so whether we are onsite or offsite, our team is readily available to provide assistance.

Our team provides boards and owners with timely communications, easy to understand financial statements and operating analysis and with skillful management. We have a host of services available from managing the day-to-day activities of associations to developing long-term strategic plans.

Our extensive experience, education, and training enable us to provide outstanding administrative and financial services to our clients, which includes the evaluation and coordination of vendors and contractors (and their contracts) providing services to the association.

M GROUP, INC. offers both full-service and financials-only management to condominium and homeowners’ associations Southern California. We do not believe in a “one size fits all” approach to association management. When we present a sample management contract to an association, the services included will be customized. No matter how customized, however, we will always provide the following services.

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