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What to do when you want to remove an Association’s board member for dishonesty
The homeowners and condominium associations in Westchester are not precisely the models of harmony and cooperation. Every once in a while, there’s one person who goes overboard with power and shirks responsibilities. Some members are so challenging to get along that they alienate others from contributing to the community. Here are a few tips to remember when you want to remove an HOA board member:

Check the documents of association for minimum standards
Check the standards spelled out in the association’s bylaws like the attendance of the meetings, active participation, etc. If they fail to meet these standards, it will justify their removal from the board.

Limit their authority
If you are not able to remove a member due to their problematic behavior outright, you may be able to contain the damage they are causing by removing them from their official positions or committees.

Wait until they end their term
Taking action against a board member may aggravate the board members who voted them into the office. Terms expire eventually, so waiting is the best course of action.

Correct the problems via education and persuasion
One of the best ways to overcome this problem is to educate and persuade the problematic board members one on one.

Request their resignation
Requesting the resignation is the best option if the problematic board member can see the inevitable. However, ensure that they had the opportunity to defend themselves.

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