Temple City Property Management 

About the board members of an HOA
Every Community in Temple City, whether it’s an HOA or a Condo Association has a board of directors. It is the elected body of homeowners in the community. The Board in Temple City ensures that the community can afford to stay pristine and maintain curb appeal.
A board member is a part of the larger body responsible for making sure your community stays running smoothly. But before anything else, a board member is a homeowner in the city, so the board members must be willing to take their sense of pride in a happy Community as their payment of service. Like a government, the Board also has board positions and have time limits for those positions. There are positions like the president of the Board, the vice president, etc.
What is the job of a board member?
The obvious answer is the board members go to the meetings religiously. And it’s not just the attendance, but you hear out the rest of the homeowners and understand what they want to happen in the community.
The board members write, enforce, and update the rules within the Association. And if the practices are not taken care of properly, the members will come across angry homeowners.
What Board Members can’t do?
While the board members have the responsibility of making the decisions on behalf of the community, there are some things that a board cannot handle alone. For example, passing a budget, additions to the declarations or any amendments are the most common examples.

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