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How to prevent overlapping decisions in a Board?
Just imagine there’s a board meeting tonight in San Dimas and you’ve emailed the details to the board members. The board has all the information available on their fingertips, and they’ve also discussed the issues before. All they are expected to do is take a decision. However, it never works out that smoothly.
Boards in San Dimas are notorious for experiencing overlapping decisions. This inability to make decisions even on simple issues causes the agenda to get delayed months after months without being resolved. The human brain receives infinite information in a day, and its job is to make the decisions based on the given information. Effective decisions that involve logic and analysis.
The trouble comes when many different choices are given, which are not discarded by the jail system. So it’s better to have a few options, we feel better when we have fewer opportunities to make a decision. The secret is to provide the right kind of choice.
When the board asks you to help in making a decision, don’t think about every possible option and alternative. Wait for a moment, think, and then try to solve the problem. Cluster the different options into three so that the board can identify and evaluate them quickly.
Before giving your opinion, talk about your options to some people. You may find that a homeowner has a different experience that can lead to a better perspective on the issue.

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