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How to fill the empty seats in the Board?
Whether it is a homeowners association or a condo association in Monrovia, volunteering is tough. If there is an empty seat available in the Board, it’s challenging to find great volunteers. To recruit great volunteers for your homeowner or condo boards, follow the steps given below:
Make it public
The process of recruitment in Monrovia should begin long before you have empty seats in the Board. Recognize the contributions of Community volunteers publicly, and you will build up awareness and prestige for the volunteers. Recognize them in the newsletter of your community, long-standing reward service, and give credits at every opportunity.

By making the honest volunteers into superstars, you’ll not only attract the new volunteers, but the existing volunteers will feel more appreciated.

Make it Meaningful
Time is valuable for everyone. Appreciate that asking the volunteers commit to volunteering takes something precious that can never be returned. Remind them that by joining the community, they’re influencing the way the city is run.

Define the duties
Volunteers get nervous when they don’t understand what’s expected of them and that nervousness prevents the people from volunteering. So, before making contact, it’s essential to have a clear proposition that you can make to potential candidates.

Look for a perfect fit
Brainstorm your best potential candidates. Get the Board together and talk about recruitment. Match the qualities and qualifications to the candidates rather than just filling the seat.

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