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Tips for Lawn Prep in Spring
Even if the lawn of your Community in Diamond bar is made up of weed more than grass, you can quickly turn it around by some essential spring maintenance. Lawn maintenance is the responsibility of an HOA. Here are some tips to get your lawn in Diamond bar ready before the weather warms up.
Prevent your lawn from weeds
Good irrigation practices, proper mowing, and feeding practices are the best ways to prevent your yard from weed. However, if the weed has already established, it’s placed in your lawn, it requires drastic measures. Use pre-emergent herbicides to stop the plants of the warm season from sprouting. Even if your lawn is free from weed, it can easily be undone by nearby weeds, so remove every single weed in the lawn to protect it.

Make your engines work
Just like cars, the mowers of a lawn will stop working without a routine maintenance. If you have not already done so in the fall, replace the oil and gas in the mover. Add a fuel stabilizer to keep the gas from going stale. A dull blade makes your grass more susceptible to disease, so sharpen the blade when it starts getting dull. Clean the mower to improve it’s performance and also prevent corrosion.

Clear the Thatch
What is thatch? Thatch is a porous layer of dead grass that is build up in the lawn. A thin layer of thatch is normal, but when it grows an inch tall, weed and other problems develop. So if thatch is common, prevent it with core aeration.

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