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Signs of Burnout of a board member and how to combat it
Burnout in Covina is one of those words which is not taken seriously by people and is thrown aside. You’re an amazing board member, you’ve built your name in the community, and you know your stuff. However, people who know their stuff often end up in burning the candle at both ends. It’s great until you are pushing your friends and family just for handling the stubborn landscape vendor. It’s great until you’re spending more nights fighting with vendors and less time catching your friends and having fun. Here are some indications and tips for setting your life in the right direction away from your work life in Covina:
You’ve always got a cold head
You are getting cough, sniffle, and headaches frequently. And if you’re spending a whole day on some video game to get through your day, then it’s more than something your kids brought from school.

Tip: Take rest for a day. Spend your weekend resting, watch a movie, stay in bed, and let your body spend time to go out and exhaust yourself.

You’re always anxious that you have not completed your work
If you lay on the bed thinking that you e not done enough or you haven’t finished some tasks, even though you did, it can be a sign of experiencing burnout.

Tip: Take a deep breath. Make a done list in your mind at the end of each day. It is a great way to review what you’ve worked.

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