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Should the pricing of your HOA Management Companies be public?
Every business believes that their product is valuable in Azusa. You deliver a service, and you know that it’s at it’s the highest level, so you charge what price is worth. However, making the prices public for everyone to see before any chance to make your value proposition is simply like putting the cart in front of the horse.
Community Association boards in Azusa are notorious. They always look for the lowest price solution to run the community. The truth behind this is the homeowners do not want to pay to the Association that they have to. And the boards know that it’s an unpopular decision to raise the assessments. So, most of the communities don’t have any budget to pay a premium for quality services.
Many management companies charge high prices that are not sustainable to their costs. To manage the difference, the management companies wind up having an extra bill. These additional charges are a lot for the community in the long run because they were never budgeted.
If your community is caught in this cycle, it’s easy to get discouraged. It may look like there is no solution to it and you have to lower your prices. However, what happens when you reduce the costs is you devalued the services in the eyes of the client. One way to bring it back is to be open, upfront, and unapologetic about the pricing you offer.

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