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Role of Technology in HOAs
As time goes on, more and more communities in Arcadia are beginning to house the next generation of homeowners. However, technology is no more a generational gimmick. Instant gratification is the ongoing trend, and if you’re not giving it to your homeowners, you risk losing them to other Community.
Technology doesn’t influence everyone uniformly, it takes time, and some technology is more readily adopted than others. This is a good thing as it means that homeowners in Arcadia are not going to expect some elaborate adoption of every life-changing technology.
Instead, slowly, technology grows into new environments over time. People have become accustomed to having immediate access to the world wide web and all its offerings and the businesses that fail to provide that stand out in a wrong way. Similarly, a website Homeowners Association is a facet of technology that was rare to find a few years ago. For example, the HOAs can carry accounting from their pocket.
It is a new and popular trend in the world of technology. It is a concept of interconnected technology designed to eliminate human interaction. Just imagine who can allow entry to authorized workers, but only on a date, they specify. So, the repair they asked for can be completed without any hassle of finding a time and date that works for all the parties.
There are also technologies that can make Community money. For example, solar panels for electricity, selling the excess energy back to the power company, etc.

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