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When to take further actions beyond letters and fines?
The last option the HOA in Oxnard- Channel Islands has to collect the dues is the lien. A lien should be considered as a last resort and with extreme prejudice by the board. There are other options you can take to collect before selling someone’s home out from under them.
HOAs in Oxnard- Channel Islands are subject to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. However, communities do have options to aid in collections beyond sending warning letters and assessing fines. The professionals must be called to advise the board of their options when it comes to groups. Also, familiarize with the pros and cons of each option.
If a person in the community is having trouble in paying their due, the board can vote exceptional circumstances. In this situation, the homeowner will be allowed to begin with a payment plan to recover, and the board can waive late fees and other penalties.
The attorney has the power to file a lien on the property if the homeowner fails to pay. However, most attorneys for collection take steps to collect the debt before taking any final action. An official letter from the office of the attorney is enough to make an owner pay his dues.
Every action taken by the attorney will be added to the debt of the homeowner. Another new option for the HOAs is to report delinquencies is to credit the reporting agencies. Credit reporting works to encourage homeowners to pay on time so as not to negatively affect their credit rating.

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