Hacienda Heights Property Management 

Maintenance and Responsibilities of Tenants and Owners
Sometimes the residents, as well as owners, get confused about their responsibilities. Let’s review the duties of a tenant and an owner.
As a tenant in Hacienda Heights, it’s your responsibility to keep the property clean and tidy. It’s likely that small messes can quickly become large messes which are challenging to handle. Always be proactive in taking care of your home. If you are leaving the food and trash outside the house, it can attract pests, which will further degrade your quality of life. Always make efforts to keep your home in good shape.
The tenants in Hacienda Heights are also responsible for setting up utilities in their names. Ensure that you set the accounts started before you leave because the process can take quite some days. If you are switching an account from your last home to the new one, make sure you do the transitions correctly.
Tenants are also responsible for the landscaping. Everyone wants to live in a property which looks neat and clean from outside so always watch for weed or debris in your yard. Tenants should comply with all the laws of the state as well as local ordinances. It’s easy to violate any code if you don’t know that it exists. Make sure that you know the bylaws and the rules and regulations when you move into an HOA. It’s the responsibility of the owners also to make sure that the property is clean, safe, and ready for occupancy.

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